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A Grand Start with Boat Plans

There is a time and place (or places) for everything, except for the things that just don’t start at all, such as good boat plans. It’s rather a peculiar notion that eludes many and yet has become one of the lesser mentioned mysteries of the modern times. Building a boat can be a great hobby, but will require some knowledge and preparation. I wish I could talk about it in greater detail, but such is not the case, for I simply haven’t got the ability to do that.

In response to earlier queries about by boat building experiences, I can honestly say that this aspect has been of great controversy among many. I call this the “Grand Start”, because the question of planning the boat, fetching the needed materials, and actually constructing it is the one that serves as the starting point of almost any discourse. In fact, it’s so common that many hobbyist boatbuildersĀ tend not to notice it until they are already knee-deep in trouble.

I have, now and again, implied that not everything about the Grand Start is as simple as it seems. One may want to build a dory, or a jon boat, and view them from a simpleton’s perspective, but that will lead nowhere. Your vessel will spring leaks and be hard to maneuver. It will merely create a false desire to start a new project and deviate into polemics and demagoguery which is just not productive. We haven’t got all day, you know.

I don’t mean to single out anyone with this post. If you feel like the last paragraph pertains to you, then, no, it doesn’t. It just my way of saying that people should be more considerate when choosing the materials and tools they need for the project. I wish I could explain every aspect of the processĀ in simpler terms, but I guess that would only trivialise the matter to the point of obsolescence. This is definitely not my intention and I would really like to stress that.

At some point in time, I will cover this topic in greater detail and provide detailed boat building plans for you to use. I have created this site to try to lead a discussion in the general direction of rectifying the issues I mentioned earlier. Maybe I will succeed somewhat, maybe not. But it’s worth the effort.