Dory Plans – How to Build a Dory Boat

Why I Love Dory Boats

I live in a fishing community where people wouldn’t last a day without fishing. I grew up with hundreds of boats docked on the shore. However, among the fishing vessels that I see every single day, I fell in love dories. They are small, shallow-draft boats that are usually made of wood. They have a flat bottom and can accommodate an average of 4 people depending on the size. What I love about this type of boat the most is the struggle of maneuvering it in rough waters. Since there’s no motor involved, you have the full control over the vessel. At present, I own a couple of dories that I still use for fishing.

The Satisfaction of Building Your Own

Sure, there are a lot of ready-made dories that you can buy outright. However, if you are really a dory enthusiast, you know that there is a different kind of satisfaction in building your own boat based on proven dory plans. There’s always a sense of fulfillment knowing that you have put up a vessel from scratch. However, not all of us are gifted enough to have enough knowledge in making one. Hence, just like building other things, a plan is needed.

What is a Boat Plan?

A boat plan is basically a blueprint that contains all the details needed to build a dory. Good dory plans also include the materials and step by step instructions. However, having a master plan is not always enough. Most of the time, we need visual materials that will help us accomplish the task. Hence, a perfect boat plan should not only contain texts. Instead, it must be a complete package of instructions and tutorial videos with photos of how things must be done.

Boat Plans for Dory Boats

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