Plywood Boat Plans – Building a Plywood Boat

I love boats. I simply do. Since you have landed in this article, I assume that you too are fascinated with boats of all sorts. I can’t blame you. I will also prefer being on a vessel across pristine water rather stay at home and binge watch your favorite series. With over 15 years of experience in dealing with ships, I can now consider myself as an expert boat builder. In this article, I will share with you some of the reasons why I love using plywood as the main materials of my masterpieces. In addition, I will share some tips where can you get comprehensive boat plans that will enable you to build boats like a pro.

Why Plywood Boats

Technology has certainly made our lives better. Now, we have a variety of boat materials to choose from. From the lavish synthetic polymers and resins to the old school plywood, our options are limitless. However, if you will ask what my favorite material is, without a second thought, it would be plywood. Sure other materials may be less expensive and more appealing to a naked eye. However, I have my reasons why I’ll stick with the basics.

  • Strength

This may shock you, but if we will consider pound for pound strength, plywood is better than steel in static bending strength. This is mainly due to plywood’s cross-layered structure. In addition, the adhesives used in building plywood contribute further to its strength. In fact, it is even stronger than the source wood.

  • No Shrinking

If you will use woods to build you boat, there is a tendency for it to shrink over time. This problem is eliminated by using plywood. Since it is made by overlapping layers of wood attached using powerful adhesive, shrinking is next to impossible.

  • Size

The size of the plywood is not limited to the length of the source wood. Instead of connecting two pieces of timber, it is better to use plywood for durability and longevity. Also, thick plywood offer massive strength both along and across its grains.

  • Versatility

Finally, what I love most about using plywood is its versatility. I know it’s possible to form it into various shapes and sizes that will form the shape of my dream boat. There are several thicknesses that you can choose from. Whether you’re using it for the hull or the seat of your boat, there is an ideal thickness that you can use.

Getting the Best Plywood Boat Plans

Selecting an ideal material for your boat is just one face of the coin. The success of your boat making project will still depend on your boat plan. If this is your first time building your boat, a boat plan a quintessential requirement that will help you realize your goal of putting up your boat. Even experts are still using boat plans to avoid mistakes that will cost you a lot of time and money. If you are hunting for comprehensive boat plans right now, I suggest you consider visiting It was recommended to me by a friend, and I am telling you, their products are awesome.

Advantages of Using

I wouldn’t recommend something to you that I haven’t tried myself. Since I’ve tried’s product, I have never worked without it anymore. First, they provide over 500 illustrated step by step procedure in building a boat of all sorts. Their instructions are so clear that even first time builders can understand and follow. What I love about is that they have included over 40 tutorial videos in boat building. This made following every instruction easier. Another reason why I am fascinated with them is the fact that they are offering a bundle with CAD software. This allows you to make a modification to existing designs for a more personalized look.

Free Updates and No Risk Guarantees

Year after year the trend for boat designs also evolves. Hence, you might want your designs to be updated so that your boat won’t look like it was taken from an 18th-century postcard. Unlike other sites that will require you to pay for updates, is giving it to you for life with no added cost. In addition, you are also entitled to a risk-free 100% money back guarantee. The moment you think that it does not work for you, you can return it within 60 days and get a full refund with no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? See your dreamboat slowly taking its shape from your own hands. It’s never too late to try, and it won’t take an expert to build a great boat. All you need is a comprehensive boat plan packed with easy to follow instructions. is here to offer boat plans that match your style and preference. Don’t waste more time. Go to now and take advantage of these amazing benefits.