Sailboat Plans

It was June of 1998 when I had my vacation in the magnificent beaches of Florida. As a surfing enthusiast, I’m no stranger to the waters. I was not aware that this would be the start of my peculiar fascination with sailboats. Almost two decades after, here I am sharing the knowledge that I acquire about this one of a kind toy that changed my life. If you’re a hardcore sailboat addict or just trying it out as a new form of adventure, you’ve made the right choice. In this article, I will share with you why building your own sailboat based on solid sailboat plans is both satisfying and exhilarating.

Build Your Own

If you’re already hooked into sailing, I’m sure by now you know that adventure never stops when you’re already in the waters. However, you want a different level of gratification; I suggest building your own. Many will say I haven’t done that in the past and they won’t gamble doing it. Well, let me tell you one thing, I’ve been there as well. I started out as a surfer, but since I encountered sailing I never stopped. I also ventured into making boats for the very first time after just a year of sailing. I must admit, it is not that easy. However, with the right tools and the right sailboat plan, building your boat will be a lot easier.

Advantages of Building Your Own Sailboat

There are some advantages why assembling your own sailboat makes sense:

  • Customized Design

Compared to buying ready-made products in the market, you can put a personal touch to a sailboat that you will build from scratch. You can create your own design that will match your purpose.

  • Choice of Materials

Usually, ready-made sailboats are made of materials with quality that you can’t really be sure of. If you make your own boat, you are in full control of the reliability of materials.

  • Avoid Factory Defects

The last thing that you want is to buy a product with imperfections that will affect its usability. In making your own sailboat, you will have a plan which will serve as your guide. The more comprehensive the plan is, the lesser the room for errors.

Get an All in One Boat Plan

We now know how important a sailboat plan is for the success of your project. Thus, you must be careful in choosing a company to trust. As a sailboat builder for several years, is my go-to site for quality plans for all sorts of boats. In fact, they have over 500 blueprints that you can choose from. One of the main reasons why I prefer getting blueprints from is the fact that the instructions that come with very clear instructions. In fact, they also include clear photos and over 40 tutorial videos. What I’m doing is actually building my sailboat while watching the video. This is a great help, especially for beginners.

Personalized Designs

If you really want to make the sailboat you won, you can do so with an amazing bundle from They include CAD software in the package that allows you to tweak or modify existing plans in order to suit your needs. This feature lets you save time and money since you don’t need to purchase a separate software just make revisions. You know what the best part is? You are entitled to updates at no extra cost. This is an amazing offer that you should not dare to miss. I didn’t!

Reliable Products with Risk-Free Guarantees

We all love buying quality products worthy of every buck we spend. This is exactly what represent. At a very cost effective price, you are getting a lot of amazing deals on sailboat plans. If you’re skeptical about the quality of their product, you can just buy it and use for up to 60 days. If for any reasons you find the product not worth it, you can simply return it and get a full refund with no questions asked. This is a risk-free guarantee that only can offer.

If you want to fulfill your dreams of building you own sailboat and you don’t have anyone else to rely on, I strongly suggest that you considering sailboat plans from Several experts with unparalleled experience in boat building have recommended this to me. Now, I’m doing due diligence to share the good news with you. Go to now and start building your sailboat right away.