Houseboat Plans – Building a House Boat

Life is too short to be boring – this is my philosophy in life. Thus, I always seek all forms of adventure. I’ve been to mounting climbing, sky diving, extreme sports, and many more activities that can raise your heart rate to the max. Lately, the waters are calling my adventure-seeking mind. This time, I’m exploring the sea.

I have known a group of people who spends days floating on all sorts of bodies of water. If you’re thinking that they’re cruising on a massive ship, they’re not. What is the thrill in there? Instead, they are sailing on a boathouse. If you’re not privy to boathouses, these are boats that function and, in some cases, may look like an actual house. You can stay here for as long as you want since they are usually built with amenities that will support your day to day activities.

Personalized Houseboats

Just like other types of boats, you can configure your houseboat in a way that it will serve you purpose of having one. For example, I prefer one that I can use cruising along lakes and calm waters of the sea. Thus, I need to incorporate a room inside with lavatories and mini kitchen. Actually, there are unlimited options for houseboat plans. What is important is that you’ll have everything that you need. Also, you need to consider material. More often, wood is the primary materials. However, the designs of boathouses have evolved as well. Now, a combination of natural and synthetic materials are used. In deciding which material to use, you need to consider the location where you will be using it with. If you want a houseboat that can survive sea water, you might consider using the materials that can withstand unforgiving conditions.

Should You Build Your Houseboat?

Some people are undecided with the idea of assembling their own boathouses. Most of them are hesitant since they don’t have sufficient knowledge and experience of building one. In addition, they prefer to have it done by contractors, but the price will be a lot higher. Take it from me guys; building a boathouse does not need a lot of experience. Basic skills in handling tools are enough. Just like you, I built my very first boathouse from scratch, and I am no expert then. However, with the help of comprehensive boat plans, I was able to create one with no hassle at all.

Where to Get Houseboat Plans?

If you’re wondering which boat plans helped me build my houseboats and other projects over the past years, it is from Just like us, the founder of this site is a boat enthusiast who became a master boat builder. When you buy their products, you can have access to over 500 boat plans crystal clear instructions that even a neophyte can understand. They made their plan even easier to follow by including high definition pictures and tutorial videos. This greatly helped me put the right parts in the right places since I can visually see it.

More Benefit at Very Reasonable Rates

Another thing that makes me stick to is the affordability of their products. Compared to other plans in the market, I’m getting the best value for my money here. Imagine, you can get free updates of the product for life without paying additional cash. Other brands will charge you for every update they release. Also, they are offering a bundle with CAD software that allows you to revise some aspect of the design to make it yours. If you’re skeptical about the quality of their product, you don’t have to worry at all. Should you find the product unhelpful and hard to use, you can return it within 60 days and get a full refund, guaranteed. This is a risk-free offer that makes stand out over its competition.

Remember guys, building a houseboat is quite a daunting task. However, you don’t need to be an expert to make it happen. All you need is a one of a kind boat plan from Visit their page and see all the benefits you’re getting at a very competitive rate. The world has a lot of adventures to offer. Experience the thrill and serenity on your own houseboat. Go to today.